Bad Horsie RC Shock Covers
Bad Horsie RC Shock Covers  (Shock Socks)
RC Shock Covers (Shock Socks) The most popular RC Shock Covers by Bad Horsie are guaranteed to reduce leaky shocks and keep your suspension in tune longer!  Manufactured to precisely fit your vehicle, we have verified over 200 cars and trucks for proper fit and function. Nothing comes close to the quality and construction of Bad Horsie Shock Covers! ~ The largest selection since 2000 ~
Diff Locking Grease  (For vehicles under 10 lbs.)
RC Diff Lock Grease Possibly the best alternative to "spooling" your RC truck.  This is the stickiest grease available on the planet.  Period.  You will not find anything stickier than this!  Our heavy Diff Locking Grease works by slowing your spider gears down to achieve a limited-slip-like-feel offering killer amounts of increased traction.
~ Excellent for short course truck racing ~
Shock Cover Installation How to wash your Socks
Check out our easy-to-follow Shock Cover installation. DO NOT put your Shock Socks in a washing machine!

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